When it comes to buying for the drone racing or freestyle fpv enthusiast, it can be difficult to know what to buy. Our original FPV Drone Gift Ideas article is a great place to start, but here’s some of the best new drone gear for 2019!

A Perfect Beginner Package

The NewBeeDrone AcroBee RTF Kit is an excellent starter for anyone who wants to get into the hobby and has nothing. It includes a high-quality drone, controller, video goggles with a removable screen, 4 batteries, 4-port charger, and a nice carry case for all of it. The controller is FrSky-compatible (great for upgrading) and can be used with a simulator to practice flying without crashing. This is definitely the best kit available for a new pilot looking to get started.

A Serious Indoor Racer

BetaFPV’s Meteor65 is quite possibly the fastest indoor drone we’ve seen yet. This quad is built well and has high-quality brushless motors with bearings. Any indoor race pilot would be happy to get behind the sticks on one of these machines.

A Quad for Every Space

2019 really filled in quality quads into every market segment. However large the space you have, there’s a quad that will fly well in it.

  • The two drones noted above are perfect fits for indoor spaces, whether or not you’ll be racing.
  • For back yards, the Beta75 Pro 2 is great for racing and Beta85 Pro 2 for freestyle.
  • For small parks, the 2.5-inch drone size provides good speed and control like the Larva X. Perfecting drones of this size is pretty new for this year.
  • Medium parks and open fields are good places for a 3-inch drone, which can provide amazing speed and handling. This year we took a look at the Diatone R349, which joined the ranks of a few other good 3-inch builds.
  • From there and up, “full-size” 5-inch drones are the standard for racing and freestyle with their awesome speed, great handling, and ability to carry an action camera like a GoPro. You’ll be spoiled for choice looking for a drone in this category. This year we looked at a full build from SabotageRC.

Finally, High-Definition Video

Viable high-definition digital video has eluded the hobby for a long time, but this year’s release of the DJI HD FPV system changed everything. It’s expensive as you’ll need new cameras and new video goggles, but reviews of the system are excellent. Any hobbyist would be happy to have one and be able to experience flight in a whole new way.

Before You Buy…

If you’re interested in buying a racing or freestyle drone for someone, you’ll want to find out which kind of radio controller they use. Different systems use different types of receivers. You can often buy a “PNP” version which doesn’t have a receiver installed, but the user will have to get one to put in.

Our FPV Drone Gift Ideas article has a ton more ideas for all kinds of pilots at many price points, so be sure to take a look before you settle in on a final choice. And if you’re lucky enough to catch this article near Black Friday, make sure you track down a good deal!

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