ARF Racing Quadcopter Manual

The Ultimate ARF Racing Drone Guide

So you just unboxed your first racing drone (or “miniquad”) and you want to get flying — but you come to the sickening realization that it does not come with a manual! How the heck are you going to fly this thing when you can’t even get it to communicate with your shiny new transmitter?

Don’t worry — you’re not alone. This hobby is shockingly devoid of documentation or manuals; especially considering how complex the aircraft it revolves around are. That’s is why we put this webpage together. In our Drone Racing Guide, we put together a compendium of all the information you need to know to to build your own racing quadcopter. In this page, we have put together a similar guide for the folks who have purchased a pre-build drone and just want to start flying.

Here are the things you will learn by reading the articles linked from this page:

  1. Miniquad basics — how they fly, what components make them up, what you’ll need to get started.
  2. Flight training — how to prepare for your first flight, and how to progress to racing or acro flight.
  3. Miniquad set-up — how to pair your drone with your controller and FPV goggles, what you should look for before your first flight.
  4. Updates and customization — how to update the software on your drone, how to tune it for optimal flight performance, how to add new features.
  5. Repairs and maintenance — how to fix your drone after you crash (you will), how to maintain it so it lasts a long time.

Let’s dive in!

The Basics

Miniquad Operating Manual

  1. Miniquad Anatomy
  2. Installing your RC receiver
  3. Binding your radio to your ARF miniquad
  4. Wireless video system (FPV) primer
  5. Pairing your video receiver (goggles) with your quadcopter
  6. All about miniquad batteries
  7. How to download Betaflight Configurator
  8. Inspecting your new miniquad
  9. Understanding props: proper installation, safety and more
  10. Tips for your first flight
  11. Extra features: OSDs, LEDs, buzzers, etc

Learning to Fly

  1. Miniquad controls
  2. Learning to fly on a simulator
  3. Learning to fly on a toy quadcopter
  4. Your first real flights
  5. Tips for improving your flying
  6. Getting started with racing

Getting Familiar With Drone Software

  1. Updating the firmware on your miniquad
  2. Betaflight configuration guide
  3. The glossary of Betaflight features

Repairing Your Miniquad

  1. Soldering 101
  2. Building for durability
  3. Upgrading your miniquad
    1. Brushless motor buyers guide
    2. ESC buyers guide
    3. Flight controller buyers guide
    4. FPV camera buyers guide
    5. VTX buyers guide
    6. LiPo battery buyers guide


  1. RC receiver troubleshooting guide
  2. Motor stutter troubleshooting


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