The Best Drone Videos of September 2016!

Hey guys!  We wanted to start a new series highlighting some of our favorite drone videos from the past month.  The community is producing a ton of amazing content, and we want to share it with you guys.  Hopefully we picked a few videos that you haven’t seen yet, and give you a few new people to start following!

Vek FPV – Rise of the Helix


I get stressed anytime I fly around a puddle, and here Vek is tearing it up over a damn river!  An absolutely stunning display of skill in this video, with no margin for error.  Check out his crazy proximity flying, gap hitting, and drops all over a huge river.  As an added bonus, he also interspersed a few city flying clips as well.  This is definitely a pilot with not only complete faith in his abilities, but also his gear.  I would hate for my video or telemetry to cut out here.  Wild!

You can watch more Vek videos here!


GAPiT FPV – Jekyll & Hyde


I am a sucker for solid transitions, and GAPiT does an amazing job varying his footage with extremely smooth cuts between clips.  A very well edited video with some impressive flying.  I love the forest clip around one-minute in – a little bit of freestyle, and then taking off like a rocket following an SUV traveling at freeway speeds!  Similarly, the ski lift sections show off an extremely cool flying spot with some impressively true to his name gap hitting.  Be sure to carefully watch the transitions – GAPiT does a great job mixing up the flight footage while maintaining the same pacing.  I would love to see other pilots interested in making flight videos take note!

You can watch more GAPiT FPV videos here!


Tiny Whoop – Library Flying!


The Tiny Whoop trend continues to grow!  This time, the Tiny Whoop guys fly in a library in the Netherlands.  The location looks amazingly fun, and it is great to see these guys being such enthusiastic ambassadors for the hobby.  I love all the creative gaps that they hit, and their use of space in such a unique location.  I mean really, how often do you get to fly in a library!  The four screen split perspective gives you a ton of things to follow – good luck trying to watch everything on your first go.

You can watch more Tiny Whoop videos here!


Yubeta.Blv FPV – Off Road Chase Cam

Yubeta got a chance to chase around some fast off road racing trucks with his quad.  While we have gotten used to seeing action sports utilizing slower camera drones like DJI’s Phantom (and I am sure we will start to see the Mavic pop up more), I haven’t seen anything quite this fast!  Definitely a cool concept for following fast paced action.  The drifting around turns, mud getting kicked into the camera, and head on jumps make for some really cool shots.  I would have loved to have seen Yubeta try and fly under one of the trucks during a jump – maybe next time!

You can watch more Yubeta.Blv FPV videos here!


MADMIKEfpv – How to kill your GoPro

A great flight session ruined by an unfortunate crash.  Smooth flying in a really cool industrial setup.  Definitely a great video to watch if you want to see some ideas on how to effectively use your environment while flying!  The loops through the conveyor belts, the tower dives, and various rolls are not only impressive, but also show the creativity in using your flying location to its full potential!  Unfortunately, as the title states, MADMIKE shattered his GoPro lens in the course of crashing his quad (hence the depressing Sarah McLachlan music).  Worth it for that flight footage in my opinion – hopefully he had a replacement plan or a lens replacement kit!

You can watch more MADMIKEfpv videos here!


Like this?  Let us know!

We hope that you guys like this concept!  What was your favorite video from the past month?  Feel free to let us know in the comments, as we are always looking for new videos to watch!  If you find a great video during October let us know!  You can always drop a comment here, or email us at

Be sure to check out all these talented pilots YouTube pages (listed below each video) to see more!  While you are at it, stop by our channel and subscribe as well!  Hope that this gave you some new stuff to watch, and I look forward to doing another one of these near the end of October!

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