Betaflight version 3.3 has been officially released for about a month now. Why are we just posting this article? Well – we just finished a total revamp of our Betaflight Configuration Guide to correspond with the 3.3 release. It is now as relevant as ever — happy updating!

Why would you want to update to Betaflight 3.3? We’ve listed the interesting features below:

  1. FrSky F.Port support
  2. Biquad RC+FIR2 filter (which is Betaflight’s brand of Kalman Filter)
  3. Runaway Takeoff Prevention” – Which should prevent your quad from doing the chicken dance when it is incorrectly configured
  4. Interlock to prevent arming while connected via USB
  5. Performance improvements for F7 flight controllers, particularly with regards to DSHOT

Drop us a comment if you see anything missing or screwed up in the configuration guide. Happy flying!

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