Earlier this week, the Betaflight development team put forth the first release candidate for Betaflight 3.4. You can find it by clicking here. This release is a fairly minor one that seems to be focusing on bug fixes and improvements to the default settings.

A few things about this release:

  1. Several of the changes make it necessary for you to be running the latest version of Betaflight Configurator. Make sure you update it!
  2. Back up your settings from Betaflight 3.3 before you update. Since the filtering algorithms have been changed, we recommend you re-tune your quadcopter and try out the defaults. The Betaflight development team has stated that the defaults should now work great for any gyro rate up to 32kHz, which was not previously the case.

We will be updating our Betaflight Filter Guide in the next couple of weeks after we have some more experience with Betaflight 3.4. Until then, you can check out the neat guide mikeller put together on how to tune Betaflight 3.4.

Here is the detailed change list, which has been adapted from the Betaflight release page.

Major features:
Minor features:
New FC Board Support
  • SPRACINGF7DUAL with dual gyro support

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