BetaFPV’s Meteor65 has been released! This is a fantastic new brushless micro “tiny whoop”-class quad targeted specifically to indoor racers. It’s light, maneuverable, and incredibly fast—one of the best 1S quads on the market right now and perhaps the fastest that I have flown. I’ve written a full review over at GetFPV Learn. Unfortunately, GetFPV doesn’t yet have any stock of this wonderful new craft. If you want one of these today, you can purchase the BetaFPV Meteor65 directly from BetaFPV.

BetaFPV Meteor65Some of the highlights:

  • 65mm 1S with 31mm props—a “tiny whoop” size machine, unlike most of BetaFPV’s releases since the 65 Pro
  • Light-weight F4 flight controller and 5/6A ESC board
  • Durable new frame
  • SmartAudio-connected VTx
  • BT2.0 solid pin battery connector
  • 0802 22000Kv motors with bearings!

If you’re into whoop racing, definitely take a look.

A new battery connector

BetaFPV's BT2.0 connector compared with JST-PHThe use of a new battery connector is an interesting choice. BetaFPV claims it’s much better than the current JST-PH standard. From some informal testing, this new connector completely outclasses hollow-pin JST connectors. I’ve yet to find out how to compares to a solid-pin connector, which also perform better than hollow-pin versions.

If you buy in, you’ll only be able to get batteries and chargers from BetaFPV currently. There does appear to be a good system of products behind this connector at launch:

It remains to be seen whether other manufacturers will jump on board, or if BetaFPV will license the design to others at all. We hope to be able to test the connector in the near future, and will let you know what we find!

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