Drone Racer Buyers Guides

If you are looking to build your first drone racer, or want to upgrade your existing miniquad, the first step is understanding what parts you need to buy and what options are on the market for those parts. Unfortunately, until now that has meant hopping between various forums, community groups and blogs, trying to draw up that information on your own. To that end, we put together our buyers guide series. This is a set of articles going into great detail about each of the mandatory components that can be found in a miniquad racer. In each article you will find:

  • A detailed description of the component: what it does and an overview of how it works.
  • Features of the component to look at when deciding what to purchase.
  • Lists of “gotchas” and compatibility concerns you should be aware of.
  • An up-to-date list of popular models on the market, along with a “feature table” lining them all for easy comparison.

We strive to keep these articles up to date, and they are updated regularly. We recommend you check back every once in awhile to see if any new technology has come out since the last time you were in the market.














Are you totally new to the hobby and want to learn how to get started? You may want to start with our Drone Racer Guide, rather than here.

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