Ever wanted to ask a question to some of the best in the community?  Well, if you didn’t see / hear, there is an amazing AMA going on in the multicopter subreddit right now.  This isn’t your typical AMA either – multiple community members are popping in to answer questions over the next few days.  This means, even though it was posted yesterday, you haven’t missed it yet!

OK, OK, so who are you talking to?  Just some of the craziest racers / videographers / instructional video makers around!

Here are the people you can expect to see:


The crazy pilot who has placed at numerous events.  His channel has amazing race footage, insights into the racing scene, and great q&a.  If you have questions about the upper echelons of racing, this would be the guy to talk to.

Here is his second place run at Drone Worlds in October!



A great editor and pilot!  GAPiT has produced some of my favorite videos in the past few months.  His attention to detail, clean edits, and spectacular flying make for some fun videos to watch.

He was also featured in our first five favorites video (check it here).  Specifically, we featured the below video – Jekyll & Hyde!



A serial poster on r/Multicopter who has helped numerous users.  He also posts some great pictures of his own setups, and always seems happy to answer questions for the community.  You will definitely see his name pop up daily on threads, and usually he shows up to leave helpful advice.

His channel also has some unique content!  Check out a recent video where he strapped a Session to the underside of his quad!


T-Bone FPV

Another serial poster and submitter on Reddit.  T-Bone FPV has a ton of content on his YouTube channel – ranging from repairs, vlogs, flight sessions, and more.  A great resource for the community, with some entertaining content as well!

Check out one of his videos below, where he goes through the process of troubleshooting a broken quad – definitely educational stuff!



Does this dude need an introduction?  Stu has been pushing out an INSANE amount of quality content for a long time.  His reviews have covered all facets of the hobby, and his always happy demeanor is downright contagious.  uavfutures posts frequently on Reddit, and even more frequently on YouTube.  He is a great resource for the community and can probably tell you about damn near any RTF / kit on the market.

Way too many videos to choose from…so here is his latest!


So there you go!  Hop on over to Reddit and pick these guy’s brains while you have the chance. 

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