We’ve had our fair share of burned out ESCs over the years. For me, an un-working ESC has meant a one-way trip to the “prop box” – a box full of busted props and other quadcopter refuse. However, it appears that I was wrong to be trashing these ESCs – they can often be repaired!

We recently ran into an ESC repair video by YouTube pilot Libyu FPV that we thought was rather eye-opening and wanted to share it with you:

A couple of disclaimers: if soldering makes you nervous, or you aren’t really interested in how electronics work — this video probably isn’t for you. However, the way I see it – a broken ESC is already broken. You can’t make it much worse, why not try to repair it! I know what I’m doing this weekend..

Make sure to check out some of Livyu FPV’s other videos. He’s got some great FPV footage as well as some other repair videos.

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