In August 2016, Google announced its intent to discontinue support for Chrome Apps on all platforms other than Chrome OS. The plan was to start discontinuing apps starting in mid-2017 with most apps being completely unusable in early 2018. The driving factor behind this decision was that Chrome apps were “not being used” – Google cited that less than 1% of users have ever installed a Chrome app.

This sucks for the miniquad world – we may very well be the 1% of users Google was talking about. Most of us use at least 3 Chrome apps regularly: Betaflight Configurator, BLHeli Configurator and Blackbox Explorer.

This week it looks like the hammer has dropped. All three apps can no longer be found on the Chrome Store using the built-in search functionality, and we suspect permalinks to them will be going offline shortly. Fortunately, the amazing developers in our community have not been asleep at the wheel – a workaround is available.

How to download Betaflight Configurator

Betaflight Configurator and Blackbox Explorer are now available as standalone applications. They can be downloaded from the following locations:

betaflight configurator logoBetaflight Configurator

Betaflight configurator can be run as a standalone application on Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be downloaded from the releases page on Github:

Once downloaded, unzip the application somewhere on your computer. There is currently no option to install Betaflight Configurator as a conventional application. You must double click the executable from the unzipped folder to start the app.

betaflight graphsBetaflight Blackbox Explorer

Betaflight Blackbox Explorer can be installed as a standalone application installer for Windows and Mac. It can be found under the dist/ directory on Github:

Download the set-up executable for your OS and install as normal. The application can then be started from your OS’ launcher.

blheli configuratorBLHeli Configurator

As of 12/11/2017, BLHeli Configurator is not offering a standalone app. If this is not rectified by Google’s closure date for the app store, Windows users can go back to using BLHeliSuite. If an app becomes available, we will post it on this page.





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