Is your significant other or friend obsessed with racing drones? Do you want to get them a gift that excites them? This article is for you! This guide aims to help educate those looking for a gift for someone who likes drones.

This hobby can be daunting to those unfamiliar with it.  There’s a lot of technical jargon and products that promise much more than deliver. We’ve worked at putting together several of drone gift recommendations for all budgets and pilots.  If you are desperately searching for the right gift for a drone enthusiast, you are in the right place!

Gifts for someone who likes drones: easy gifts for any budget!

We’ve put together two lists. The first list offers purchase options by cost category. If you’re on a budget and looking for a great drone gift, this would be the list to look at!

This list is applicable for most drone pilots.  These are accessories and tools that anyone in the hobby would appreciate receiving!  For the most part, we don’t recommend buying an actual drone or drone parts unless you know exactly what the gift recipient wants.  Instead, this list is full of necessities any pilot would be happy to receive!

$10-$25 Range:
RDQ Tool Kit

A nice tool kit is a great way to any pilot’s heart.

In the $10-$25 range, you’ll be looking at buying small parts and accessories. Don’t let the simplicity of these gifts be a turn-off: everyone in the hobby needs these things!  These are great stocking stuffers and various necessities to outfit the workbench of any drone pilot!

$25-$75 Range:
race gates for drone racing

Race gates are a fun gift in this price range.

At this range you are getting into more of the nice to have accessories that most pilots haven’t splurged on.  These are great additions to the workbench or field bag that will be greatly appreciated!

  • $65 – Portable soldering iron. The TS100 is a really nice battery-powered soldering iron. Most pilots only have corded soldering irons for use at home for repairs. The TS100 will allow most pilots to preform repairs at their flying spot as well as back up their home tool. A butane soldering iron also works well and is cheaper.
  • $45 – Clamp power meter. This is a really cool tool that lets pilots measure how much electrical power their quadcopters use. It can also be used around the home to measure power consumption of household devices!
  • Racing obstacles. Whether your gift recipient is an aspiring pro racer or just a beginner, most pilots love things to fly through. A set of race gates, flags, or cones will enable them to set up their own race course at the local park. Here are a couple of options we found:
    • $8 – $40: Race Gates. Small round gates are perfect for indoor drone racing, pack easily, and are super durable.
    • $39: Race cubes. These are especially useful for pilots of smaller “indoor” drones. They can work for larger drones if the pilot is experienced.
    • $20: RDQ Pop-up gates: These gates are for quadcopters of all sizes.
    • $40: Driveway marker poles: These poles are a cheap solution to course design: drive them into the ground and tie some ribbon on the top to make them easy to see through FPV goggles.
    • $18: Soccer cones: Cones are our favorite way to set-up a course on a budget. They’re extremely portable, too.
ImmersionRC Power Meter V2 size comparison

An RF power meter is a useful tool most pilots don’t have.

$75+ Range:

At this range you are getting into specialized gear or even micro quads!

  • $170: NewBeeDrone AcroBee RTF Kit. Tons of racing leagues are built around these “Tiny Whoop” drones and they are a blast to fly! There are many RTF (that’s “Ready To Fly” – meaning ready to fly right out of the box!) micro-quads available on the market for around $150, but this one is a much better investment for not a lot more money. They are perfect for keeping a pilot’s skills up during the winter (and tormenting your pets when stuck inside). If the pilot in your life doesn’t have one of these already, you should consider getting him/her one. The NewBeeDrone kit is ideal for a first-time pilot, but just as great for someone already flying outdoors. It’s got a controller, batteries, charger, case, and video goggles along with a top-of-the-line brushed micro drone.
  • $80 – RF power meter. This is a pretty sophisticated tool that can be used to check the health of a quadcopter’s radio system. Most pilots make do without them, but they are quite useful if available – making a perfect gift if you know your recipient is into competitive drone racing.


Drone racing gift ideas for the person in the know

Perhaps you are more involved in your gift recipient’s hobby.  Maybe you have heard terms like “drone racing” or “micro quad” before.  If so, these items are for you!  We put together some categories of common flying types to make your shopping process easier!

Gifts for a drone racer
bat safe battery box

Safety gifts like the Batsafe are often overlooked and are great for all pilots!

Your gift recipient has mentioned drone racing before and might be starting their journey or competing in races every weekend.  These are some gift ideas for them:

For the tinkerer or hobbyist pilot who is always building something
drone workbench

If you have a significant other with a space in the garage that looks like this, these are gift ideas that are sure to please!

If your recipient’s weekend is spent in the workshop tinkering with their drones, these are perfect additions for their home workbench!

Most of these gift ideas focus on the spare parts and tools needed to build and maintain our flying devices.  If you are looking for more specific information on outfitting tools for a workbench, we have two articles that cover our top rated additions to ANY tinkerer’s space:

If you are looking for some simple recommendations:

Drone tools:

  • Multimeter ($10) – a multimeter is a diagnostic tool for electronics.  These are amazing for finding electrical problems in gadgets. If your recipient already has a multi-meter, a high-end one like the model 117 from Fluke would be a great upgrade that can last a lifetime.
  • Hex driver set ($20) – these ball hex drivers are great and have a surprising amount of uses with other gadgets.
  • Plier set ($20) – a set of pliers can be used for almost any repair project and are a go to for nearly any drone repair.
  • X-ACTO knife ($5) – at $5, this is an amazing value stocking stuffer that can be used for any fine cutting work.
  • Helping hands ($30) – exactly what you think – another set of hands for holding stuff in place while you work on them!
For the drone photographer/videographer

Aspiring YouTuber?  What better way to share their flying experience than with a camera.  While these are pricier gifts, they will absolutely be appreciated!

  • Runcam ($80) – These budget entry level action cameras work great on a variety of racing drones.
  • GoPro ($150+) – Everyone has seen a GoPro before! Unsurprisingly, these ubiquitous action cameras are highly regarded within the drone racing hobby.  Their small form factor is perfect for most quadcopters and can be used for a multitude of hobbies.  The downside is cost – these will run you
  • DJI Spark ($450) – If you are looking for a camera drone that shoots great video, the DJI Spark is a great gift.  This is pretty much the entry level camera drone in the ~$450 range.  While it doesn’t shoot 4K video or have long flight times, it has an incredible array of features for the price.  You can check out our review on the DJI Spark here!
  • DJI Mavic ($700) – If you are looking for a camera drone, DJI’s Mavic is hard to beat.  With the ability to shoot 4K, super long flight times, and intuitive control, this is the ultimate gift.  This is a major investment though!  At $700, the Mavic is not a gift for those just curious about drone flying.
For any drone enthusiast

Unsure what to buy?  These are simple gifts that are fun for any skill level!

  • Shirts (RDQ, MultiGP, Propwashed) – Apparel is always a fun way to rep the hobby.  There are a variety of vendors out there.  If possible, find out if the gift recipient has a favorite drone vendor or manufacturer to make it more personal!
  • Gift cards: GetFPV, RDQ, Amazon – You can’t go wrong letting your recipient buy what they want!  Even a non drone company like Amazon works great for the hobbyist looking to refill items on their workbench!
  • Take them to a big event (MultiGP final, Flite Fest, local events, etc.) – This might require a bit of Googling on your part, but if you are looking for a highly personal drone gift, consider giving the gift of attending an event.  There are tons of regional and local races, cons, and events happening all the time.

Attending a huge event like Flitefest would be an amazing gift for any RC enthusiast!


A final note: what to avoid buying for drone pilots

In general there are two key pitfalls here for bad gifts in the drone hobby – buying a crappy product or buying the wrong thing.

In terms of crappy products, stay away from the offerings of big box stores and deal of the day no-name items from the likes of Costco, Target, and Walmart. While these stores have some flashy pricing and advertising on the boxes of their products, they are rarely considered desirable within the hobby. Chances are any product you can get from Walmart is a downgrade for your recipient.

Finally, if you know someone is looking for something specific, don’t get something that looks similar. Many parts are not compatible from drone to drone!  For example, you can’t put a BMW engine in a Honda without serious modification right?  Same goes for our drones.  Most of the components like motors, flight controllers, and the other electronics work in very specific combinations.  If someone asks you for something specific – consider getting it for them! It may not be as glamorous as surprising them, but at least you’ll be 100% sure you got the right part. If you want to add some zest into the gift, grab something from the $25 list above.

If all else fails, a gift card is a great solution!

One other note – it is far easier to return items to American vendors and Amazon. If you are at all doubtful that your gift will be well-received, consider buying from either of these two (at least, if you are reading this from the USA). A local hobby shop is also a great consideration in this case.

Got questions?  We can help!

We understand buying any tech gadget can be confusing.  If you want to learn more to make a better purchase decision, you might want to check out some of our beginner articles in our drone racing guide.  We cover a ton of introductory topics including common terminology, where to buy parts, and more!

Looking for the perfect gift for the drone pilot in your life but don’t see it here?  Feel free to leave us a comment below or email!

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