The FAA’s relationship with amateur drone pilots was interesting in 2017.  In early 2017, the FAA was forced to remove their registration requirements for small unmanned aircraft.  This resulted in the FAA offering refunds to the over 800,000 pilots who previously registered their drone.

Fast forward to December 2017.  The unmanned small aircraft registration requirement was slipped into a bill and passed into law.  Wonderful…

faa requirements from the faa registration website

The FAA’s infograph showcases the registration requirements and ominous punishments for not registering. Source:

So here we are again.  What does that mean for you and your quadcopter?  Well, to legally fly your quadcopter, you need to register it with the FAA.


But do I really have to register my drone?

That’s up to you, but we are happy to provide some articles on our opinions!  I stress opinions, as none of us are legal professionals here at Propwashed.

Check out our discussion on FAA drone registration requirements here.  This post details the registration requirements and presents our thoughts and feelings on registering your drone.  Since nothing much has changed with these “new” requirements, this post is still your best jumping off point for learning about the FAA requirements.

Moreover, check out our article on drone licensing, laws, and insurance here.  We detail everything you need to know about flying your drone legally in the United States.

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