With another month gone, it’s time for a new episode of Five Favorites!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  No real qualifications for our selections – just things we liked or that stood out as special that we wanted to share with the community. Missed last month’s favorites?  We got you covered!  Check out November’s Five Favorites here!

Ready to jump in? Let’s do it!


Mattystuntz – Heightened Canvas


A pilot that needs no introduction, Mattystuntz has been putting together amazing videos for a long time now.  One of his more recent films, Heightened Canvas, captures some amazing footage using both his racing drone and his Inspire.  Mixing between stabilized footage scanning the treetops and rolling FPV racer footage, Mattystuntz tears an epic path through the winter forest.  Furthermore, the music he chose blends everything together perfectly.  In the end, you get a somber forest run that looks beautiful!

You can watch more Mattystuntz here!


Vek FPV – Paintball Vs Drones


Vek is back on Five Favorites with another killer video.  I got to see some early clips of this a while back, and was very excited for the final reveal!  Vek takes his quad to a paintball arena and rips it up amidst an ongoing battle!  Watch as he dives around players, tears up the course, and takes a bit of paint to the camera in the process!  Watching him dodge paintballs, and even taking quite a few hits, while remaining airborne is crazy cool!

You can watch more Vek FPV here!

Jordan Temkin – Skatepark Rumble


One of the Showmewhatyougot crew, Jordan Temkin, finds a unique park to fly!  After seeing a skate park while heading home, Jordan decided to turn it into a quad park instead!  The footage is eerily reminiscent of a skate video – with the gravity turned off of course!  He cruises the park, diving between the bowls and ramps.   I love the use of space!  Skating and freestyle FPV videos feel extremely similar, and Jordan combines the hobbies through choosing such a unique flying location.  I would love to see what a tuned micro quad would look like flying something like this – maybe a job for the Tiny Whoop guys?

You can watch more Jordan Temkin here!


Skitzo FPV – A Dying Breed


Skitzo puts together a mega cut of impressive flying at spots that should be familiar to those that watch the Rotor Riot pilots in Georgia.  Tearing through buildings and trees, Skitzo combines a variety of locations with his slick flying.  As with any Skitzo video, the flow is smooth as hell and the stunts are impressive.  As he states in the video description, it might be a while until we see footage like this again, as the era of vlogs is taking over.  Hopefully in-between his vlogging sessions, Skitzo continues to put together cuts like this that feature his silky-smooth flying!

You can watch more Skitzo FPV here!


 SilverStoneFPV – Touch the Mountains


Continuing our trend this month of beautiful winter scenery, SilverStoneFPV put together some spectacular mountain flight footage.  The cliff side approaches and dives are well shot and obviously hard earned.  It looks like SiverStone had to hike onto the mountain to get this footage, but it was well worth it.  Trees and snow patched paths dot the landscape and make for a video truly fit for December!

You can watch more SilverStoneFPV here!


And that does it for December!  Be sure to check back next month for another episode of Five Favorites!  In the meantime you can always subscribe to our channel for more FPV goodness!

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