It’s time for another episode of Five Favorites!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  There are no real qualifications for our selections – these are videos we liked and wanted to share with the community.  Ready to jump in? Let’s get to it!


Won’s FPV X: Two Feet


Starting off February, we get a great freestyle mix from Won’s FPV.  I love the variety here – we go from dense cityscape cruising to precise farmland flying.  Accuracy and precision are definitely the showcase here, and Won does a great job putting all the scenes together.

In particular, I think the gap hitting through the city buildings and throttle control in the fields are especially fun to watch.  I also love the small details like seeing the quad in the reflection of the buildings and the cruising above the icy water.  All in all, this video showcases a great use of environment.

Watch more Won’s FPV X here!


Robogenesis: Session 5


It should be no surprise that Robogenesis is on five favorites this month.  He released two killer freestyle mixes that are jaw dropping to watch.  In a word: incredible.  Not only is the freestyle skillful, it is done at blistering speeds.  The hula loop, proximity to trees, and race like freestyle is mindbending to watch.

Robogenesis is going to be, if not already, the pilot to watch in 2018.  Definitely prepare for him to offer some serious competition to the other DRL pilots in the next season.

Watch more Robogenesis here!


PauK: Proximity Heaven

PauK brings us some more tree freestyle.  While Robogenesis’ video brings the speed, PauK brings some great floaty, slower-paced freestyle.  I love the use of space here, as PauK mixes accurate low to the ground twists with high dives and stalls.

The accuracy of the rotations and reversals through the trees definitely stand out.  The slower speed and deliberate movements make the video feel like someone forgot to turn gravity on in parts.  Lots of great stunts throughout that feel like PauK has another camera facing backwards to see where he’s going.   Definitely worth watching if you want to see more trick focused freestyle.

Watch more PauK here!


Ta Da: Racing Drone


Another new face to five favorites, Ta Da brings a great mix of gap hitting race freestyle.  What a cool place to fly!  We get what looks like an abandoned building with all the walls removed – what more can you ask for in a location?

Ta Da rips it perfectly – using each level and section of the building to loop through.  I love when pilots are able to find unique spots like this, and I think he definitely did it justice.

Watch more Ta Da here!


Jordan Temkin: Thank You Colorado


Finally, for your cinematic viewing of the month, Jet put together a breathtaking edit of the Colorado mountains.  We get a beautiful array of mountain scenery complete with great cruising and dives.  The clarity throughout is insane, whether ripping the mountain or meandering over a river.

While the footage looks great, the flying is just as impressive.  We get to see more of Jet’s incredible mountain pass dives and close proximity flying in a stunning wintery environment.  Sadly, this video is Jet’s farewell note to Colorado, but what a sendoff it is!  I can’t wait to see Jet’s new videos after he moves to Seattle.

Watch more Jordan Temkin here!


Until next time!

And that does it for February.  As always, we’ll be back next month to look at March’s five favorites.  We’ll see you guys next time!

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