Better late than never?  Even though we are a few weeks into February, we still need to discuss our five favorites for January, right?!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  No real qualifications for our selections – just things we liked or that stood out as special that we wanted to share with the community.  Ready to jump in? Let’s do it!

You can check out last month’s five favorites here!


Joshua Bardwell – Soft Mount Quadcopter Motors


January was the month of soft mounting motors.  Whether you were on Reddit, Facebook, or YouTube, you probably ran into someone talking about soft mounting their motors, and the performance improvement it caused.  I wanted to highlight Joshua’s video since it did a great job testing the soft mounting claims.  Most other videos showcased flight footage and talked about the feeling of how their quadcopter flew.  On the other hand, I loved how Joshua, who is a master of Blackbox, went through and recorded real data for analysis.   He then of course went through and analyzed the data and gave his two cents on the soft mounting fad.  I won’t spoil it, but definitely give it a watch if you haven’t already, as it looks at a hyped idea in the community and actually tested to see if it works!

You can watch more Joshua Bardwell here!


Willard FPV – Roman candles + racing drones


In terms of actual flying footage, you have to go watch WillardFPV and JohnnyFPV strap roman candles to their quads for a Star Wars-esque battle in the park.  They take turns flying and shooting at each other from the sky to the ground, and It’s definitely a creative and dangerously entertaining use of a racing drone.  While their screaming and running from danger was fun to watch, they also had some great overhead shots that captured the different colors of the fireworks from each quad.  Do yourself a favor and check this one out if you haven’t already!

You can watch more Willard FPV here!


Krazy FPV – My best DJI Mavic Pro footage yet


Krazy put together a compilation of footage from his DJI mavic pro, and the result is spectacular.  I love watching this video, as many of the shots feel like they could be lifted right out of a big budget movie.  It’s amazing to think that shots like this could be captured on a thousand dollar Mavic.  Just a few years ago you would have had to hire a helicopter or had some kind of specialized multi-thousand dollar drone to get some of these shots.  The music also fits well with the footage, but do yourself a favor and check out the original version of Drinkee if you like the song!

You can watch more Krazy FPV here!


MADMIKEfpv – New Year, New Rates


MADMIKEfpv is back in five favorites with a loopy stroll through a winter wonderland.  The footage is obviously great – I love the colors and the extremely controlled loops over and through the trees.  There’s definitely an ethereal feel to flowing through the snow capped trees, and it reminds me a lot of Mattystuntz video that we looked at last month.  The other thing I enjoyed was how creative they were in flying at a winter location.  You can see that they’re huddled in a bit of shelter and using the area the best they can to get some solid flying in.  They didn’t have to hike out or leave the house to get some practice in and enjoy a flying session.

You can watch more MADMIKEfpv here!


G3R FPV – Crystal Clear


Our final video for the month, another wintery video, is from G3R FPV.  I recently found this guy, and he has some awesome videos on his channel.  I really liked the proximity flying on the icy water here, as well as the loops up and around this open field area.  The reflections of the sunset off the ice are spectacular, and G3R gets close enough where you can see the tree line reflection almost too clearly.  The slide across the ice at the beginning is a neat trick, and I hope to see some more of that during February.  The freestyle loops and rolls fit nicely with the music, and I’m looking forward to seeing more videos coming out from him soon.

You can watch more G3R FPV here!


Until next time!

And that does it for January!  Again, sorry for being a little late on this one, but we will be back in early March to take a look at our five favorites for February.

You can check out last month’s five favorites here!

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