It’s time for another episode of Five Favorites!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  This month brought out some amazing edits that I’m excited to talk about, so let’s get right into it!


NURK FPV: Drone Racing meets Mad Max


Are you a fan of amazingly unique courses paired with awesome music?  If so, you have to go watch Nurk’s Drone Racing meets Mad Max video.  He setup a moving course on the back of a truck trailer using an intense series of gates.  The mobility of the truck allows for just a few gates to become an extremely challenging track.

Additionally, the entire video is well edited using music from the Mad Max soundtrack.  The cuts between racing, the van, and overhead shots of the trailer are all used to create a spectacular racing showcase.  What an amazing idea!  I really hope we see creative race tracks like this in the future.

Watch more NURK FPV here!


SilverStoneFPV: Reception


SilverStone returns to five favorites with some breathtaking mountain top footage.  I am always impressed by the shots he puts together, and his Reception video is no exception.

We get an amazing palate of colors, smooth flying, and some loops and dives around a tall tower.  The summer colors really shine through here, and complement the flying completely.  In addition to the beautiful footage, the dives and loops around the mountains are smooth and controlled, while also hitting close proximity to a bunch of obstacles.

One crash here probably means a lost quad or long hike, but SilverStone showcases his controlled flying in spectacular fashion.  If you still haven’t subscribed to SilverStone at this point, you need to head on over to his channel and fix that!

Watch more SilverStoneFPV here!


BanniUK: San Diego to Shanghai

Luke Bannister needs no introduction I’m sure.  He’s won a ton of competitions, and is one of the best racers worldwide.  However, his freestyle videos are also impressive.  His recent San Diego to Shanghai edit was fantastic to watch.  I love how the cuts sync to the music and set a perfect pace for the video.  The railway footage and train pacing are great examples of this.

In addition, as the title implies, we get a wide variety of locations ranging across the west coast of the US, to the eastern coast of China.  Building dives, proximity flying over water, and a variety of freestyle sessions make for a great mix of footage.  If you haven’t checked out BanniUK’s YouTube channel, you definitely need to change that.

Watch more BanniUK here!


Loco-FPV /// Team Prop Bustas: Alive


Continuing our trend of well edited footage, Loco-FPV brings us a great park flying session.  The pacing of the flying along with the Illenium remix of Disarm You make for a great pairing.  Flying wise, we see some great looping freestyle in, around, and above a tree filled park.  We get some excellent proximity passes and some great power loops above the trees.

Again, we see a great combination of camera and racing drone shots.  We get some smooth camera overhead shots mixed in with the looping freestyle footage.  The music build up at the beginning of the video paired with the Mavic footage make for a great drop into freestyle.  If you like music paired videos, head over to Loco’s channel and give it a watch.

Watch more Loco-Fpv here!


Vek FPV: Stomp the Throttle


Ever want to see racing quads following drift cars?  Well Vek is back on five favorites with his Stomp the Throttle video which bring us just that.  The camera work here is fantastic – at times you forget that a quad is keeping pace with these cars, and it almost feels like watching a real-life video game camera.

Again, we get a great pairing of music and flight.  I’m a huge fan of Pendulum, and I think their track was used fantastically here.  We get a variety of clips, cars, and close calls.  I love the changes in speed between the drifts and straightaways. The clips with the twin purple cars were fascinating to watch, as they get way close to one another.

In the end you get to see a skillfull display of two hobbies – great flying and great driving.  Definitely go check this one out.  If you like this one, Snake FPV put out a great drifting edit as well that is fantastic to watch.  Vek edges him out barely though just because I am a huge sucker for the Pendulum pairing!
Watch more Vek FPV here!


Until next time!

And that does it for July!  We will be back in the beginning of September to look at August’s Five Favorites.  We’ll see you guys next time!

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