It’s time for another episode of Five Favorites!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  There are no real qualifications for our selections – these are videos we liked and wanted to share with the community.  Ready to jump in? Let’s get to it!

Mattystuntz: The 4th Dimension

Its always a pleasure to see a new Mattystuntz video come out, and his 4th dimension release doesn’t disappoint.

Expect an unbelievable array of footage that people are going to be trying to copy for the next few months.  Matty strings together a mind-numbing array of tricks that are impressive to watch.  The mixes of inverted spins and loops matched with the precision Matty brings to his flying are a must watch for anyone interested in technical freestyle.

Of course, Matty also cuts between some beautiful scenic footage in between the already gorgeous flying.  If you are at all into the technical sides of freestyle, this is a video you just have to watch!

Watch more Mattystuntz here!

Dane Grace: One take freestyle

Dane Grace put together a proximity freestyle mix this month that perfectly combines speed with great environment usage.  I love the use of the tree paths that are perfectly formed as impromptu flying gaps.  The speed at which Dane takes these different obstacles is great to watch.

You can definitely see some racing influence here too – the startup path following feels very race like.  Additionally, the tree pathing feels like the perfect race gate setup.  I really enjoyed the blend between the two styles – the grace of freestyle with the speed of racing.  Absolutely worth the watch!

Watch more Dance Grace here!

NURK FPV: The Face of the Mountain

Nurk always puts together great flying videos, and July brought a ton of great scenic mixes to his channel.  However, I was really drawn to his face of the mountain video for it’s great variety of footage and relatability.

First off, the scenery and use of it are great.  We get long mountainside dives, perching on rocky alcoves, and in general a great use of the environment.  The close wall side proximity flying is great to watch and highlights the balance between risky and skillful flying.

Finally, I loved the little details here that I think many pilots can chuckle at.  Checking for line of sight, carefully checking and repositioning before diving, and finally getting misdirected and forgetting where home is are just a little too relatable.  The cherry on top is finally finding the right direction and then running out of juice at the last minute.

It definitely shows off getting lost in the enjoyment of flying that we rarely see in a lot of edited FPV vids.

Watch more NURK FPV here!

Won’s FPV X: O.r.b.i.t

It wouldn’t be a five favorites video in 2018 if there wasn’t some sort of chase footage right?  Well, Won’s FPV win’s this month’s chase footage with his insane orbits.

This is some of the closest proximity chase footage I’ve seen.  Sure, we’ve seen close following of cars, but how about insanely close car orbits in a tunnel?  The control throughout this video is unreal.

Additionally, the proximity orbiting another racing quad is great to see, and we get some awesome urban freestyle mixed in.  Won’s put together an eclectic mix of footage that is a must watch for those that can’t get enough chase footage!

Watch more Won’s FPV X here!

G3R FPV: The Hero 6 Experience

To close out July’s videos, G3R put together a scenic and somber freestyle mix that I really enjoyed.  Clearly showing off the potential of the Hero 6, G3R put together some beautiful footage and paired it with some amazing music.

I love the changes in scenery here.  One moment we get some nice foresty flying with great reflections off pools of water, to then cruising around hay bales and impromptu house freestyle.

Again, G3R makes great use of controlled low to the ground proximity flying where simplicity makes for some stunning footage.  If you are looking for a great musical and flying pairing this month, definitely head on over to G3R’s channel.

Watch more G3R FPV here!


Until next time!

And that does it for July.  As always, we’ll be back next month to look at August’s five favorites.  We’ll see you guys next time!

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Next Five Favorites: August (Coming next month!)

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