It’s time for another episode of Five Favorites!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  No real qualifications for our selections – just things we liked or that stood out as special that we wanted to share with the community.  June brought out a ton of great early summer flying, and we are excited to share our favorites with you!  Ready to jump in? Let’s do it!


G3R FPV: My Best.


G3R is back with some smooth flying across green fields and windmills.  We get lots of great loops and twisting freestyle alongside some dives.  The windmill dives in particular are insanely precise and feel gravity defying.

Additionally, we get some low to the ground proximity flying and general freestyle cruising.  It’s crazy seeing G3R’s stunts getting faster and smoother since we featured him back in January.  Moreover, the music fits well, and the video is cut nicely to match the beat.  If you are a fan of edited freestyle footage, do yourself a favor and subscribe to G3R.

Watch more G3R FPV here!


Justin Skinner: “Plinko” Gravity Gate


Justin Skinner brings us some fantastic race footage and highlights an interesting gate.  The footage is edited together from a mix of FPV action, camera drone overview, and static shots to give a great overview of the field.

The main feature of the video is absolutely the “Plinko” gate: a gravity gate that looks extremely unforgiving.  Justin does a great job cutting between the active race footage and showcasing this unique obstacle.  If you are into race footage or course building, this is a great one to check out!

Watch more Justin Skinner here!


PauK: Sunset Juice


If you need some chill footage to relax to, PauK brings us a stunning session.  We get a nice relaxed flow, with great proximity flying and environment use.  The slow and controlled loops blend well with the Rubik’s cube style rotations.  I love the speed changes between slow loops and quick push outs, all while flying around different parts of a truly varied environment.

As in many of PauK’s videos, we get some great sky shots and beautiful footage in general.  This is definitely your chill flying session video of the month.

Watch more PauK here!


Gab707: Take me to the mountains


Gab707 has made some incredible videos that combine racing drone footage and post production stabilization.  The result is fast paced footage through gorgeous locations that look right out of a Hollywood blockbuster.  His latest mountain cruising video is spectacular to watch.  You get amazing footage of mountains in Switzerland from the perspective of a racing quad.

The mountain approaches and dives are by far my favorite parts of this video.  The stabilized dives look incredible, but even without the stabilization you can see the skill and control in each pass.  If you are looking for cinematic flying footage, you have to check out Gab707’s channel!

Watch more Gab707 here!


Tom Smith FPV: Finding an Escape

Tom Smith delivers our fast-paced freestyle selection for the month.  Amazing speed into controlled loops, proximity flying, and gap hitting.  Absolutely controlled chaos to the extreme.  Some of the shots look completely out of control, but it’s just an illusion.  Each wild loop is skillfully executed and makes for some incredible precision flying.

Additionally, this is another example of great location use.  We get awesome passes beneath the trees, fast loops over and through the foliage, and even some playground gap hitting.  All in all, Tom puts together an incredible demonstration of fast paced freestyle that is worth checking out.

Watch more Tom Smith FPV here!


Until next time!

And that does it for June!  We will be back in the beginning of August to look at July’s Five Favorites.  We’ll see you guys next time!

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