It’s time for another episode of Five Favorites!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  There are no real qualifications for our selections – these are videos we liked and wanted to share with the community.  Ready to jump in? Let’s get to it!

Sam H3LL: Reborn


Starting off June, we get an incredible edit from Sam H3LL.  The intro here is outstanding – the transitions between each scene are amazing – the color works great, the pacing is excellent, and its just an all-around awesome intro.

Flying wise, we get some insane proximity footage.  I love the variety between spins, orbits, and gap hitting – tons of options for every viewer.  Sam H3LL killed it in June, and you should definitely check out his channel if you aren’t already subscribed.

Watch more sam H3LL here!

Jab1a: Team Breakout FPV Power Towers


Definitely my choice for unique flying location of the month!  Jab1a takes to flying around some abandoned power towers and captures some great footage.  Throughout the video we get some interesting dives that follows the unique shape of these towers that are extremely well done.

Additionally, I love the flow throughout the tower – the ins and outs at the bottom allow for a challenging exit along all the support struts.  We also get some super tight gap hitting along the sides of the tower.  Other great uses of space like flying the inside vertically definitely make for great use of such a unique structure.

Watch more jab1a here!

VORT3X: Drone Light Painting

It seems like we’ve featured a lot of mixing of hobbies this year on five favorites.  Mostly this has been chase videos involving different sports.  Vortex continues that trend by mixing long exposure photography with FPV flying.

Super clean and smooth flying is made more artistic through the transitions between normal camera capture and long exposure to pick up the lights on the quad.  This forms some gorgeous track trails along the flying area that are very interesting to look at.

I love how VORTEX swaps between turning on and off this effect, as its sporadic use definitely makes it more interesting when its cut between some awesome proximity flying in a small place.  If you are looking for something really unique, definitely go check this one out.

Watch more VORT3X here!

Stefan Heule: Guilin, China


Our last two videos feature some great flying in super unique locations.  Starting off, Stefan Heule takes to flying through a variety of terrains in China

I like the location variety here – we get rolling farm land steppes to hillside cruising and city backdrops.  The transitions between locations tied to the music make for a great highlight of the area.  Aspects like the drops into the stepped farmland and reflections off the water while cruising definitely stand out.  If you want to see some unique landscapes, go check out this video.

Watch more Stefan Heule here!

Ryan Tan: Bali FPV Freestyle


And to close out June, Ryan Tan pulls off some incredible freestyle in another unique location.  The video starts with some cliffside loops and freestyle and culminates with some incredible proximity flying of a huge statue.

Like Stefan’s video, we get great transitions with the music between cliffs and shoreline, and the rotations work well when paired to the beat.

Additionally, the stature proximity flying is crazy accurate, and the flying shows some amazing spatial awareness with some of the rewinds and orbits.  If you are into great flowing freestyle, this is the video for you!

Watch more Ryan Tan here!

Until next time!

And that does it for June.  As always, we’ll be back next month to look at July’s five favorites.  We’ll see you guys next time!

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Next Five Favorites: July (Coming next month!)

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