It’s time for another episode of Five Favorites!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  No real qualifications for our selections – these are videos we liked and wanted to share with the community.  Ready to jump in? Let’s get to it!




GAPiT is no stranger to five favorites.  Both his flying style and editing have made him one of the most entertaining freestyle pilots to watch.  One of his latest releases, FREAK, is an exemplary freestyle edit that has it all.  Great proximity flying, loops, rolls, and dives with editing and music that tie it all together.

The picture in picture of DVR footage and HD footage are a great mix to see what is going on from both perspectives.  Furthermore, the stickman cameo in the middle was transitioned perfectly, and was a fun way to break up the footage.  We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: if you aren’t already subscribed to GAPiT, you are missing out on some quality FPV footage.

Watch more GAPiT FPV here!


CurryKitten: No Quad Left Behind


We feature a lot of fancy flying on five favorites, but I also like to highlight educational videos from time to time.  Case in point, we have featured the likes of Joshua Bardwell and UAVFutures to recommend their insight into the hobby.  Another great educational resource is CurryKitten, and I wanted to recommend his “No Quad Left Behind” video.

I love this video as it breaks down a potential solution to what has to be one of our biggest fears when flying: losing our drone after a crash.  CurryKitten utilizes stored DVR footage and Google Earth to locate a crashed quad.  I think that he gives a fantastic breakdown and this is something that pilots should keep in mind when flying at the field.  It’s especially useful if your goggles have built in DVR capabilities.  If you are looking for a fun educational video with a little bit of a vlogging scavenger hunt, go check this one out.

Watch more CurryKitten here!




Suki FPV brings us our chill flow session of the month!  Cruise through leaf filled trees, parks, and open fields in one of Suki’s latest releases.  We get some extremely controlled inverted yaw spins, reverse loops, and a plethora of other skillful maneuvers.

However, what sets this video apart is the flying style with the music.  While GAPiT’s FREAK video has a great fast paced feel, we get a relaxing journey with Suki’s NO POINT.  If you want to enjoy some late spring flying, be sure to give this one a watch.

Watch more Suki FPV here!


HyphPV: CDR Season Opener


With all this great freestyle, we have to showcase some great racing too, right?  We previously featured some of HyphPV’s freestyle, but he recently uploaded some HD racing clips that have been fantastic to watch.  In particular, his CDR season opener is a tense race filled with a variety of gates, high speed straightaways, and a competitive battle to the finish line.

We also felt that outside of the flying, the track was unique and fit in well with an article we recently wrote on course design.  Hopefully this video can showcase some ideas for building your own practice tracks, as it utilizes a fantastic amount of different course features.  If you are at all interested in racing, definitely check this one out.

Watch more HyphPV here!


The RCAddict: Color Explosion


Our final favorite for the month is a love letter to the colors of spring.  The green grass and blue sky pops out with, as the title implies, an explosion of color.  The RCAddict brings together fast paced freestyle with an absolutely spectacular palette of colors.  Expect tree dives, big power loops, and proximity flying alongside a colorful background.

In particular, I was shocked at the clarity of the sky against the various ponds seen in the video.  During one of the inverted yaw spins it was difficult to truly tell up from down. RCAddict uses the space perfectly and showcases a great location with some fancy flying. If you are looking for a video that captures the brilliance of spring, look no further than this one.

Watch more of The RCAddict here!


Until next time!

And that does it for May!  We will be back in the beginning of July to look at June’s Five Favorites.  We’ll see you guys next time!

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