Is it just me, or did October fly right on by?  A ton of great videos were released this past month, and it was a challenge picking just five.  For those of you starting to feel the cold embrace of winter and are unable to go outside to fly, we hope these videos help cheer you up!

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PDWhite – Going to Mars

I adore the intro for this.  Shot at 80FPS, the ramp up of the quad and the music (Deorro’s fantastic Five Hours) pair perfectly together.  The shots help build up the anticipation before flight, and you can see the work put into editing everything together.  I also enjoyed how PDWhite incorporated some other quad gear and focused the camera on components such as the props and switches.

The flying after the intro features some nice overhead looping through a field of trees.  Controlled loops around a beautiful setting make for some compelling footage!

You can watch more PDWhite here!


WillardFPV – A WILD Phantom appears

Some crazy flying from WillardFPV on his college campus.  A Phantom showed up at his flying site, so he decided to include it as a part of his circuit by looping around and over it!  Very precise flying, loops, and building dives throughout the video showcase the control he has over his quad.  I love how WillardFPV incorporated close to the ground ‘race flying’ with some tightly controlled freestyle vertical action.

I wish he got some footage from the Phantom owner!  It would have been neat to see the agile racing quad running loops around the camera drone.

You can watch more WillardFPV here!


Johnny FPV – My favorite flight of all time

This is like a flying music video!  First off, I am a huge Nujabes fan, so the audio alone hooked me right off the bat.  Great flying that syncs up incredibly well with the audio.  From reading the description, it looks like Johnny was listening to the song while flying, and flew to the music.  The end result shows the blending of the two – and I love the idea!

The other aspect of the video I liked was the unique flying in a rather sparse location.  Most of the other videos we featured this month had a lot of trees or other environmental obstacles to fly around.  Instead of using such obstacles, Johnny finds a nice flow just following the music.  Love it!

You can watch more JohnnyFPV here!


rctestflight – 1000W LED on a drone

An insane amount of work and creativity went into this project.  The guys over at rctestflight rigged up a 1000w LED light bar to the bottom of an Alta 8 and took to the skies.  The first part of the video details the build and some of the features, but the real magic is in the second half.  The cinematography for each shot is incredible, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see similar renditions appear in music videos and movies soon.

This also wins our “most expensive video to produce” award this month.  If you wanted to recreate this video, the Alta 8 from Freefly alone will set you back a cool $18,000!

You can watch more rctestflight videos here!


Showmewhatyougot – Flying Cardboard BOX Drone

We love silly stuff like this!  The guys over at Showmewhatyougot (a colab of super skilled pilots) put together an interesting build video.  They converted an empty carboard box into what will surely be the most popular frame this fall!  The video shows some general silliness of putting the build together, but more importantly, they got the box to fly!  If you are looking for some inspiration for an odd quad project this is the video for you!

You can watch more Showmewhatyougot videos here!


What was your favorite video from October?

Feel free to let us know in the comments, as we are always looking for new videos to watch!  Similarly, if you find a great video during November let us know!  You can always drop a comment here, or email us at

Be sure to check out all these talented pilots YouTube pages (listed below each video) to see more!  While you are at it, stop by our channel and subscribe as well!  I hope that this gave you some new stuff to watch, and I look forward to doing another one of these in December!

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