One year of Five Favorites! This video celebrates a whole year of spotlighting our favorite drone videos from the community!  That said, let’s get started with a new year of Five Favorites!  In this series, we pick our five favorite drone videos from the past month and talk about them for a bit!  There are no real qualifications for our selections – these are videos we liked and wanted to share with the community.  Ready to jump in? Let’s get to it!


NURK FPV: Flight of the year


There was no question this was going to make the short list for this month’s Five Favorites.  With over one million views, you probably have already seen NURK’s incredible train flight.  It’s one of those videos you keep thinking, “is he really going to do that” and then he absolutely does.

Let’s see, we have pacing the train, hitting incredibly tight gaps between and under the train, perching, power looping, and a lot more.  He even goes inside an open boxcar and lives to tell the tale.  This video is basically one long string of potential, “here’s how I lost my quad” moments, yet he pulls it off.  Incredible.

If somehow you missed this video, you need to go watch it.  Hell, if you already saw the video, go watch it again.

Watch more NURK FPV here!


A_Nub: French Forrestry


I know last month we featured quite a lot of great tree flying, and its unsurprising for it to bled over to this month a bit.  A_Nub has an incredible flight through a forest of tall trees that we had to feature.

It reminded me a lot of JohnnyFPV’s video from last month. A_Nub maneuvers gracefully through the trees, mixing in some great orbits, rewinds, and crazy close proximity flight.  What really strikes me here is the control in such a narrow field – those trees are super close together, and make for an exciting watch.

If you aren’t already subbed to A_Nub and the rest of the Showmewhatyougot crew, you need to go change that now!

Watch more A_Nub here!


Trinx FPV: freeride moment


Trinx is back on Five Favorites with another controlled bit of crazy freestyle.  This time we get a nice coastal cruise, complete with low to the water passes, great loops, and a chilled flow.

I love his controlled loops, passes, and orbits around obstacles.  The pacing always feels unreal in his videos, but the music and masterful flying brings it all together.  Trinx picked an enviously beautiful spot to fly, with some great pathways between and through the trees and he flies it to its full potential.  If you are looking for some freestyle inspiration, you gotta watch Trinx’s footage!

Watch more Trinx FPV here!


DiegoFPV: North and South


Another pilot who is no stranger to our Five Favorites lists, DiegoFPV always puts out high quality footage.  His North and South video is a special treat, as we get to see flying in a ton of unique locations.  Diego has clearly been working on his transitions, as he seamlessly cuts between footage from each spot.

Moreover, we get a great variety in flying at each location.  While fans of Diego will undoubtedly see some familiar spots, we get cuts from a ton of new locations including South America.  As always, Diego does a great job utilizing his location to pull off some impressive flying.  Between the pacing, flying, and transitions, it really does feel like we get a world tour of impressive sessions.

Watch more DiegoFPV here!


HyphPV: Hiatus


With all the great freestyle recently, we haven’t gotten to feature a whole lot of racing footage.  Well, HyphPV is going to help us change that with his Hiatus video.

If you are interested in seeing some fast-paced indoor racing, you have to check this out.  The track looks great, with a ton of challenging twists and turns.  HyphPV rips it at incredible speed and great throttle control.  I am always super impressed at indoor tracks like this, as simple mistakes in any direction almost always means a crash.

I also really love the picture in picture footage and cut away to give an idea of what the pilot sees on a track like this.  We get spoiled all too often with the final GoPro footage, and can forget how challenging it can be to navigate using our FPV cameras.  HyphPV pushes it harder on each lap, and you can tell practice pays off.  Definitely go check his stuff out.

Watch more HyphPV here!


Until next time!

And that does it for September!  Thanks for sticking around for a year of Five Favorites!  We’ll see you at the beginning of October for next month’s favorites!

You can check out last month’s five favorites here!

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