Let’s talk FPV simulators!  As we get closer to the holidays and colder weather, simulators are a great way to get practice in anytime.  Recently, many popular simulators have gone through a ton of changes!  We went through our mega post and updated the individual reviews.

Here are a few quick notes on some of the recent changes to popular FPV simulators:



Liftoff has made a ton of adjustments and changes.  Two big feature additions stick out: easier transmitter binding and freestyle mode.  These WERE two of our wishlist items for Liftoff to updates, and the team again impresses with their constant improvements to the sim.

Transmitter binding is now incredibly simplified and completely intuitive.  The freestyle mode adds a point system for pulling off tricks and risky maneuvers.  Think drone racing meets Tony Hawk Pro Skater.  Great changes all around.  Not to mention, the team at Liftoff has made numerous small usability and quality of life improvements such as a rewind feature and more.

Check out how easy the new binding setup is:

Great changes all around.

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Unfortunately, development has ended on HOTPROPS.  If you tried to activate the launcher recently, you might have noticed some connection issues.

hotprops no more development

Announcement from the HOTPROPS Facebook page 🙁

Worry not, we cover a workaround to play offline in the full review.  You can still play HOTPROPS, but don’t expect any future content anytime soon.  Bummer.

Read the full HOTPROPS review here!


DRL Simulators

Well, the DRL Simulators have undergone some big changes.  Namely, they are no longer free to play.  As far as we can tell, the downloadable version from the DRL site is gone.  Furthermore, DRL: High Voltage on Steam has been rebranded to “The Drone Racing League Simulator” with a $19.99 price tag.

drl simulator pay to play

The new purchase screen within DRL: High Voltage

You can still use the single player capabilities in the free version (if you downloaded it previously).  Additionally, DRL recently announced that they will be hosting try outs within the simulator for a chance at a spot on the 2018 lineup.

Simulator wise, lots of usability improvements, especially around transmitter identification.  It will be interesting to see what the full price simulator offers.

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Be sure to check our full simulator review page

That does it for now!  Again, check out the full reviews for more details on your sim of choice.

Interested in FPV simulators?   Check out our full list of drone simulators here!


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