We wanted to let you guys know that we have gone through and made a ton of edits to our FPV drone racing simulators article. If it has been a while since you have checked it out, give it a look! We added a few more simulators and cleaned up the layout. It should make everything much more organized and easy to read.


Liftoff Review Updated


It has been way too long since we updated our Liftoff review. Since our initial review, features such as multiplayer have been added to the game. We updated our review with a ton of information that should be up to date as of the Liftoff 0.6.11 patch that came out last week!  Tl;dr – Liftoff continues to impress with multiplayer and a slew of other improvements.

Also – Liftoff is holding another video contest this month. Maybe we should enter this time around? Details and such here.


FPV Freerider review update in process


Speaking of simulators, we got an unexpected email today that FPV Freerider Classic just got a big update. We are actively updating our FPV Freerider review to cover the new features. Check back later this week for updates!


That’s all for now!

We are working on some other simulator reviews (looking at you Hot Props and Freerider Recharged…) so check back next week! As always, you can find the most up to date reviews and details in our mega post, so be sure to check back often!

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