GearBest’s September Treasure Hunt is currently underway!  Through September 17th you can snag some big discounts on a variety of quadcopters and gear.

We see some deals that look crazy compared to their original prices and want to share them with you guys.  This includes some of our past review favorites including the Anet A8 3D printer, KingKong 90GT, and GT215 Firedancer!  If you are in the market for some new toys you definitely should be watching GearBest’s sale over the next few weeks.

Last updated: 9:30AM August 30.

Multicopter deals and other drone equipment discounts

multicopters gearbest

Lots of discounts plus “hidden” price drops from promo codes and PayPal!


Let’s take a look at some deals that stand out in the FPV / brushless category.  It’s worth noting that the prices linked include shipping and DON’T include promo code discounts as far as we can tell.  You can use the promo codes listed below to increase the discount.  Additionally, if you haven’t used GearBest before, you can net an additional $5 off orders over $50 if you use PayPal during checkout.  New customers also have access to even more promo codes.

Basically, be prepared to test out a few promo codes before confirming your order!

Here are some deals we feel are hard to pass up if you are in the market for them.

Update 8/30: prices are constantly fluctuating and might be a bit out of date (higher or lower) depending on when you look at this.

KingKong 90GT:  If you are in the market for a brushless micro – this is still one of our favorites to fly around.  The KingKong 90GT got top marks in our review and can be had during the sale for under $100 after discounts and promo codes!

helifar X140 Pro:  Another brushless micro that has received good community feedback.  At $149 before discounts, you can likely get a modern brushless micro for sub $140 out the door.

Firedancer GT 215: Have a receiver on hand?  You can get the receiver-less PNP version for a crazy sub $100.  You can check our our Firedancer review here. Update: looks like the price is adjusting wildly on this right now – the $100 price might be a bug or future discount.

Taranis X-Lite:  The X-lite from Taranis has amazing ergonomics if gaming is another hobby of yours.   If you wanted to get into FrSky’s offerings, this is one of the best deals we’ve seen: $130 shipped before promo codes and discounts.  You may be able to get below the $120 price point shipped after discounts!

FLYSKY FS-i6X:  Need a budget transmitter?  We loved the original FS-i6, and now you can get the upgraded X version for only $47 before discounts.  I doubt this will stay in stock through the end of the sale.

flysky fs-i6x gearbest

Seriously, I don’t see deals like this lasting long.

Use the following promo codes for even more discounts at checkout:

To get the most out of the sale, be sure to use the discount promo codes and PayPal to get additional money off.

Purchases over $25 get 3% off coupon using code: GB-extra3%

Purchases over $50 get 5% off coupon using code: GB-extra5%


Discounts on 3D printers and accessories

Like many of Amazon’s past deals, there are rotating flash sales changing throughout the sale period.  If you are in the market for a budget 3D printer, it is definitely worth checking out some of the offerings.  The upcoming flash sales have a ton of options available.

We’ve talked about how you can use 3D printing to improve your quads, so now might be the time to add a 3D printer to your workbench!

The Anet A8 printer can be had for well under $150!  With discounts you are probably looking at around $120-130 to get a quality 3D printer that we use all the time – you can read our original review here!  We even made a build guide to make the installation process a breeze.  If you don’t have a 3D printer, you owe it to yourself to check out some of these deals!

Looks like the Geeetech printers are next up on flash deal.

Looks like the Geeetech printers are next up on flash deal.

Get shopping!

Additionally, there are a ton of add on benefits.  Extra discounts for using PayPal, promo codes, and other app-exclusive games for more discount codes and free stuff.

While everything isn’t drone related, it’s absolutely worth keeping an eye on GearBest through September 17th.  We will work to keep this page updated with deals that we see during the sales period!

Again, prices are adjusting like crazy, so check back for more details!

Check out all the Treasure Hunt sale items here!
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Don’t forget to use the promo codes!

Purchases over $25 get 3% off coupon using code: GB-extra3%

Purchases over $50 get 5% off coupon using code: GB-extra5%

New customers can find more potential deals here. 

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