The GTENG watch may be the ultimate Tiny Whoop accessory.  This compact FPV monitor can easily fit on your transmitter to make for a highly mobile FPV setup.  Moreover, its functionality on the bench for VTX repairs, as well as its potential for FPV race spectating, make it a niche accessory with a ton of functionality.

The first part of this article overviews the features of the GTENG watch.  The second part of the article covers some of the mods you can make to get even more out of this device.


GTENG watch first impressions

From the get go I was a little hesitant about the GTENG.   Not being much of a watch person, I couldn’t imagine wearing this thing around town while flying my quad.  I figured, “Why would I use this over my normal goggles when flying FPV?”

gteng watch

How do I watch this and fly at the same time?!

However, when I started testing the GTENG, and saw the possibilities it offered, I was sold.

The GTENG is extremely easy to use out of the box.  Simply hold the power button for three seconds to turn the watch on or off.  Long press the “CH” (channel) button to switch bands, and short press to switch channels.    A small, foldable antenna is easily extended from the left side of the device.  This antenna is surprisingly powerful, and we saw ranges around 180m.

gteng and qx60

Closer than 180m but you get the idea! Shout-out to my in need of duct repair QX70.

That’s it!  Two buttons and an antenna.  Super easy for anyone to use.

The downside to this simplistic setup is the lack of screen controls. For example, you cannot adjust the brightness, so the GTENG suffers in direct sunlight.  Similarly, the default installation doesn’t allow for frequency scanning, however that can be adjusted with mods (more on that in a bit).  Also missing is Raceband support.

The battery life of the GTENG watch surprised me.  On a full charge, we saw battery life hitting the one hour mark – pretty impressive for such a small device. Moreover, I love the fact that it can be charged via micro USB.  This means you can charge it using one of the hundred micro USB cables you likely have lying around the house.  Similarly, you can also power it at the field using a portable USB power bank.

But what is this watch good for?

Worry not, I am not advocating that this small monitor will replace your beloved Fatsharks.  However, I do think that the GTENG offers some unique possibilities.


Main uses

I doubt anyone is going to try and replace their FPV goggles with the GTENG for daily flying, but I don’t think that’s the goal of this device.  Instead, I feel the GTENG fits a few niche roles that could improve your flying experience in other parts of the hobby.

The micro quad and Tiny Whoop ultimate accessory

First and foremost, I think this is one of the coolest micro quad accessories you can buy.  I love using the GTENG attached to my transmitter as an easy to transport Tiny Whoop system!  If you are meeting up with friends and want to share the fun of FPV without lugging around goggles, this is a must have accessory.  There are a few 3D printable mounts you can use with the GTENG so that it sits right on your transmitter.  Just grab your Tiny Whoop, transmitter + GTENG, batteries, and go!  Does it replace the feeling of goggles?  Of course not, but if you are looking for a lightweight and easy to transport FPV system on the go, it’s hard to beat.

gteng tiny whoop

The GTENG watch is easy to mount to make a lightweight on the go Tiny Whoop monitor.

Similarly, it’s a great tool for new pilots upgrading from flying a micro quad without a camera.  In my mind, pilots using a Hubsan X4 or Syma X11 fit the bill here.  These pilots will be familiar with flying line of sight after practicing with ‘toy’ quads, but won’t have any FPV experience.  The GTENG is a perfect way to introduce FPV, while still allowing the pilot to look away from the screen to fly line of sight as needed.  Thus, if you were thinking of upgrading from a Hubsan or other small micro quad to a Tiny Whoop style FPV system, the GTENG would definitely pair nicely.

Workbench VTX repair companion

workbench gteng

Look, no hands! Easy to see repairs without having to stop what you are doing to pick up your goggles.

I hate busting out the goggles when making quadcopter repairs.  It’s cumbersome, takes my focus off what I was doing, and usually requires me to clear space off my messy bench to make room for a set of goggles.  I think the GTENG watch is a great tool for repair work.  If you pop the wristband off and 3D print a stand, it’s an amazing bench accessory for checking your video system while repairing.  I can leave it on while working, and with a quick glance, check if everything is functioning as expected.  It takes up minimal space and has the added benefit of being powered via USB.  That means no grabbing the goggles only to find that the battery is dead and in need of a lengthy charge.

FPV spectator monitor

I can see the GTENG watch pop up at more race events, as it seems like a great spectator accessory.  I, and many others, hate bringing full sized goggles to races.  If you aren’t flying, they are a pain to carry around, require extra batteries, and you always run the risk of misplacing them.  The GTENG on the other hand is a great pocket accessory that you can carry around (or wear on your wrist obviously!) and tune into the action easily.

This is a great tool to bring to an event while still being able to see what’s going on around you.  One downside is that it can be hard to see the screen in direct sunlight.  I would recommend printing or making your own sunshade, or using it for indoor events.  I don’t know if I am cool enough to wear it to an event using the wristband, but as a pocket accessory to tune into the FPV action, it’s a great tool!


Quick specs

  • General dimensions (watch only): Roughly 55mm x 50mm x 10mm.
  • Screen: 2” (51mm) LCD display
  • Video receiver: 5.8 Ghz, 4 bands, 32 channels using a RX5808 module (no Raceband without mods)
  • Battery life: Around 1 hour.  Charged via a micro USB port.
  • Range: From our testing, along with other reviews we have read, it’s safe to assume a range of 150-200m.


Final verdict

If you are looking for an FPV monitor for spectating, or for using your Tiny Whoop indoors, this is a great purchase.  We love how well it pairs with our micro quads, as well as the functionality it brings to the bench when working with our video systems.  The long battery life (around 1 hour) and respectable range (around 150-200m) make this device competitive with other larger FPV monitors.  The ability to charge the GTENG via micro USB makes it highly transportable and easy to charge.  Finally, the ability to mod the GTENG make it a surefire hit with hobbyists looking to get the most out of an FPV monitor.

On the downside, the lack of Raceband without mods is a disappointment.  Moreover, the screen can be difficult to see during direct daylight, and we recommend the use of a sun shield while using the device outside.  Finally, while modable, disassembling the GTENG watch requires removing the glued front screen, which makes it more prone to scratches and accidental disassembly in the future.

gteng printed mount

Our custom bench stand!

This watch won’t replace your FPV goggles by any means for normal mini quad flight, but it is a great device for repairs, Tiny Whoop shenanigans, and spectating!  If you are looking for an FPV monitor, we definitely recommend the GTENG watch!

gteng watch gearbest


  • Cheap, compact, and easy to use FPV monitor that works great for small micro quads. Amazing Tiny Whoop accessory.
  • Highly modable with a great collection of 3D printable components.
  • Solid range and battery life
  • Great for indoors


  • No Raceband without mods.
  • Hard to see screen in bright daylight – would recommend using a sun shield.
  • Disassembly requires removing the LCD screen – cumbersome and increases risk of scratching the screen.
  • Antenna is linear which means you won’t get great reception with most mini quads.


Thanks to the folks over at GearBest for sending us this watch for review!  You can purchase your own by clicking on this link!


GTENG watch mods and 3D printing

Ready to get more out of your GTENG watch?  Here are some modifications and 3D prints that you can use to make your new FPV monitor even better.  We ordered these from easiest to most difficult.  Removing the wristband is very easy, and a non-permanent adjustment.  However, disassembling the GTENG and modding the watch with features such as Raceband or an SMA antenna attachment, will be more advanced (and likely kill your warranty).


Removing the wristband

First, I would assume most people are going to want to remove the watchband at some point.  This is easily done using a thin edged tool – a small flat head screwdriver, knife, or tweezers should work.  For this process, I used an EXACTO knife.

Insert your tool of choice at one side of the wristband where the plastic meets the rubber.  If you look closely, there should be a notch in the metal rod that holds the wristband in place.  Align your tool between the plastic and this notch, and push towards the opposite end of the wristband.  This should pull the rod out from the plastic.  Once released, you should be able to pop the other end out by pulling the rod.  To make sure I didn’t lose these rods, I removed the wristband and popped them back into place on the GTENG plastic frame (we are going to use these later in one of our 3D prints).  You can now store the wristbands somewhere for later use or discard them.

gteng watch band

Closeup of the pin and band. See the notches near the ends? You want to push those inwards from the plastic side!

3D printing

One of the key benefits to the GTENG watch in my eyes is combining its small form factor with your transmitter for the ultimate take anywhere micro quad platform.  The GTENG is the perfect size to mount on nearly any transmitter.

I found the mount pictured earlier in this article on Thingiverse.  You can read our print review and guide by checking out our Drone Print article below!


GTENG watch disassembly

To disassemble the GTENG to get to the internal components, first remove the screw on the back of the watch.  This holds the antenna in place.  Next, using your fingernails, carefully remove the front screen from the plastic enclosure.  Unfortunately, you access the internals of this device by removing the front screen – not our favorite feature.  The screen is held in place by glue, and may take a bit of force to remove.  Be careful here, as many people have reported that the screen is easy to scratch.


Video receiver mods: enabling Raceband and SMA adapter assembly

I found some interesting guides if you are interested in modding the GTENG to enable Raceband or improve reception by adding an SMA adapter for a different antenna.  We personally have not used these, as we are running the stock setup for ease of use, but these may be useful to hobbyists out there trying to get the most out of this little device.

For reference, the GTENG watch uses the RX5808 video module.  This would be helpful for those looking to swap out the installed antenna with an SMA connection instead.



We are excited to see if the GTENG catches on and if more people attempt to modify it.  Have you tried modifying your own GTENG?  Let us know in the comments and we can always add it to the list above!

Again, big thanks to Gearbest for supplying us with our own GTENG for testing.  Again, you can get your own by clicking here!

gteng watch gearbest


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