This is a sub-page of our post on miniquad propeller thrust tests from the back of a truck. Please click the link to read the full article if you landed here.

Some notes on these plots:

  1. If you are on a computer, you can view the data points by hovering over them. This also applies for legends which have been cut off.
  2. Check them out on a desktop computer! Mobile phones will work but you’re going to have a hard time seeing the legends and may have issues loading the page.
  3. Two plots are included for each prop: Thrust and Efficiency. Thrust is in kilograms (kg). Efficiency is in grams per watt (g/W). Efficiency was cut off before the prop starts to generate thrust, which is quite late in the test for higher speeds.
  4. The x-axis is time in seconds since the start of the test.
  5. The legend includes the prop name and the speed being driven at for each series in the graph. It also includes a percentage. This is the average percentage of the static thrust/efficiency that the propeller is operating at once it hits maximum (70%) throttle. For example, 60% for the 50MPH thrust test means the prop is only producing 60% of the thrust it would have produced at 0MPH. Put another way, it lost 40% of its thrust at 50MPH.


RaceKraft 5038:

RaceKraft RK5040:

HQProp 5x4x3B:

HQProp 5x4x4V1SB:

HQProp DPS 5x4x3 “Notched”:

HQProp 5.5x4x3:

DAL TJ5045:

DAL T5045C “Cyclone”:

Gemfan 5x5x3:

HQProp Durable 5x5x3:

Gemfan Flash 5152:

RaceKraft 5051:

HQProp 3x4x3V1S:

HQProp Durable 6x4x3V1S:

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