We sadly have gotten way behind on our “How to build a drone” series.  We aim to fix this by releasing the final parts over the next week.  Part 5 is now up on the channel, and you can view it in all its glory here!

In this video we discuss cleaning up our build before installing our FPV system.  This includes securing the RX to the frame, mounting the antennas, installing the XT60 connector, and so on.  In part 6 we will finally install our FPV system and finish the series!

The written guide is already complete if you are looking for resources.  You can check out part 5 and part 6 by clicking the links here!


Part 4 updated

Similarly, we re-uploaded our part 4 video on flight controller assembly.  With the rise of lower profile frames and all-in-one flight controllers, we wanted to clarify a few details for newer viewers.  Check it out here:

And if you missed any of the previous videos, you can view the entire playlist here.

We will have part 6 up soon – I promise!

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