We skipped our monthly “new gear” article in November becaquse there honestly wasn’t enough cool new stuff on the market to justify it. This month, we’re combining some of the compelling new product releases we encountered for both months.

As with past “new gear” articles – we are taking a quick look at some interesting new ideas in the hobby that we haven’t (yet) had a chance to review.


ImmersionRC Tramp VTX

The Tramp video transmitter from ImmersionRC offers pilots a fantastic new option for a high-end video transmitter. This VTX was expertly designed by the IRC crew specifically for installation in miniquads – that means you do not need to worry about voltage spikes frying the transmitter or having it overheat from being on too long. Best yet, it’s very affordable at just under $40 – this is definitely going to be our go-to VTX for the next few months!

$39.99 – Banggood

Lumenier AXII 5.8GHz Antenna

The AXII is a new circularly-polarized antenna released by Lumenier/GetFPV that is remarkable for it’s compact size. Many pilots don’t realize how incredibly draggy the large mushroom-shaped video antennae that we use are – not to mention how much many of them weigh. The AXII, on the other hand is more compareable to a linear “rubber duckie” antenna in size and weight. Such a compact form factor will also undoubtedly increase it’s durability.

Unfortunately, the price at $40 for a pair is very steep. Still, this might be worth it depending on the performance and durability.

$39.99 – ReadymadeRC

Quanum Overlord Diversity Video RX

The Quanum Overlord is a really cool development in long range 5.8GHz FPV flight in the form of a 6-way diversity video receiver. The way it is set up, you can 5 highly directional antennas to cover the long range area you will be flying as well as an omni-directional antenna to cover areas above and nearby yourself. This type of system can easily outpace the reception range of most modern RC radio systems, so you’ll want to make sure you upgrade that before testing your range.

The system is pretty expensive at over $200, but includes 6 quality antennae which we think justifies the price.

$224 – Hobbyking

XRacer Quadrant Replaceable 4-in-1 ESC

These new XRacer ESCs offer a really cool new way to build your quad if you were previously unwilling to use 4-in-1 ESCs. They solder together like puzzle peices to form a 35mmx35mm board which you can mount under your flight controller – but then can be individually de-soldered for replacement if any of them fails.

$12.99 – FPVModel


We’re always open to edits, so if you believe we’ve forgotten or missed anything, please let us know in the comments below! See you next month..





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