Update 5/5: The tournament has ended!  Big congrats to the winners: Ofordo and eG’PewPew!

A little over a month ago, the crew over at Liftoff announced their ranked racing service, Liftoff Pro League.  This free league allows aspiring racers and e-sports fanatics a chance to compete in a variety of tournaments and events.

Well, today we are pleased to announce that Liftoff has invited us to sponsor our very own Pro League Tournament!

So, over the duration of the tournament you can hone your skills, compete for bragging rights, and of course try to win some fun prizes!  Want to participate?  Check out the details below!


How do I compete in a Liftoff tournament?

Fire up Liftoff and click on the multiplayer tab.  Look for the “Pro League” option on the far right.  You will need to create a Pro League account to participate, but it is free and fast to complete.

From there you should see the Propwashed Spring tournament.  You get three chances to set an awesome time; your fastest of which gets listed on the leaderboard.

Our race will take place in the “Liftoff Arena” level using the “LiftoffArenaTrack01” track!  This has been a favorite of ours, as it’s a fast, one lap race that challenges your balance between agility and speed.

Propwashed Liftoff Tournament

Liftoff Arena is a challenging, yet approachable, one lap race!

We obviously recommend practicing in the single player (or standard multiplayer!) areas before jumping straight into the tournament!


When does the tournament begin?

The tournament is now open! You have a week to set your best time!



It wouldn’t be a proper tournament without some prizes, right?  Here’s what you can compete for:

Propwashed t-shirt

Two customizable Propwashed t-shirts are up for grabs!

Additionally, anyone who participates can request Propwashed stickers.  Just email your mailing address to community@propwashed.com and we will send some your way!  International requests welcome, just please format all mailing addresses correctly so we can get your stickers to the right location!


So, what all do I need to do?

  • Practice your skills on the “Liftoff Arena” level using the “LiftoffArenaTrack01” track.
  • When you are ready to compete, go to the “Multiplayer” tab and select “Liftoff Pro League”.
  • Follow the prompts to create a Pro League account (takes about 3-5 minutes total), or login if you already created one.
  • Find the Propwashed Spring Tournament, click the play icon, and follow the prompts to start racing!
pro league account

Setup is easy. Pick a username, password, and E-mail address. Verify when you receive the E-mail and you are done!

See you there!

Big thanks to the Liftoff developers for reaching out to us and for putting on this tournament.  We love that they are constantly working to improve Liftoff, grow the community, and show the positive side of creating an Early Access title.  Speaking of, you can read about the latest changes to Liftoff in this post!

Have any questions?  Feel free to drop us a comment below.

Don’t have a copy of Liftoff?  We will be giving out two copies over the next few days!  You can enter using the Rafflecopter window below, or by clicking here! Similarly, you can always buy it on Steam!
For official information on Liftoff, check out their site here!

Best of luck!
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