Written in early 2016, it’s been quite a while since we touched up our beginners training guide and micro quadcopter lists.  We went back through and modernized these guides with new gear, article links, and more.

Our goal has always been to keep our older articles updated for new pilots, so we wanted to give a fresh coat of paint to this popular series.  If you see anything missing, definitely let us know!

Similarly, if any of our other guides look out of date, please feel free to email us at community@propwashed.com or hit us up in the comments.  We definitely will continue to comb through some of our fan favorite guides and modernize them where applicable.

You can check out the articles below:

Learn to fly with toy quadcopters


Drone training series part 1 – Planning and prep


Drone training series part 2 – Finding a place to fly


Drone training series part 3 – Flying and training exercises

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