A while back we covered different ways to identify charged LiPo batteries in your field bag.  If you are like us, battery swapping is a process you want to complete as quickly as possible.   In your desperation to get back in the air, you may haphazardly toss your discharged battery into your pile of charged batteries.

xt60 coversInevitably a flight or two later you plug in your discharged battery and realize your mistake.  This used to happen to us all the time.

An easy way to prevent this is to cover the XT60 connector on your charged batteries with some sort of identifying marker.  In our case, we discovered that you could 3D print XT60 covers.  Ever since then, we have printed and used these plastic covers to quickly identify which of our batteries are charged and discharged. These have become mainstays in our field bags.

However, we’ve found these battery covers can be expensive if you don’t have a 3D printer.  While cheap options are available, you usually get killed on the shipping.  We wanted to make them available to the community at a minimal cost.

So, we decided to design our own and sell them on Amazon!


Where can I get these XT60 covers?

To make things easy, we made these available on Amazon.  They are Prime enabled, so you don’t have to pay shipping if you have Amazon Prime!  The red and blue ones may be add-on items depending on your region, but still include free shipping.

xt60 covers bagged

Three colors are available in a 10-pack bag.  Each bag costs $6.99 shipped!

Propwashed XT60 covers Amazon link!


If you already have a 3D printer, the 3D model file is available publicly on Thingiverse.  Feel free to download and print your own for free!

Propwashed XT60 covers Thingiverse link!


How do I use these XT60 covers at the field?

  1. Charge the batteries you plan to take to the field.
  2. Place an XT-60 cover over the XT-60 connector on your CHARGED batteries
  3. Pack your batteries in your bag and head to the field!
  4. Remove the XT-60 cover before flight and put aside.  Connect your battery to your quad as you normally would.
  5. When finished flying with that battery, remove from your quad and put back in your battery bag.  Do NOT reattach the XT-60 cover.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 until all of your XT-60 covers have been removed: your charged batteries are marked by the XT-60 cover, your discharged batteries will be bare!


You can check out our store page for the covers here!

If you buy some, definitely let us know what you think!  Drop us a line at community@propwashed.com or leave a review on our Amazon page.


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