In case you haven’t heard – is doing a 48 hour sale over the next two days.  Some of the deals we have seen so far seem pretty solid.  There are some cheap entry level FPV goggles to be had and an absolute insane amount of micro quads on sale.  If you have been reading our purchase order to buy quadcopter parts guide, and are thinking of training with a micro quad, this may be a good time to snag one up.

Link to deals – also be sure to use code 10annv10% for an additional 10% off

As always with any sale, shop around before buying.  Some things look to be a bit cheaper on Amazon.  For example, if you are looking to get a Hubsan X4 camera edition, Amazon currently has it on sale for a crazy $26 price point, whereas even with the 10% coupon code on Banggood, you are looking at around $29 before shipping.

That said, if you are looking for a Tiny Whoop clone, the QX90 is only $50 ( around $45 with code).  This thing looks insanely fun to fly, and would be a great starter quad / indoor quad if you already have a transmitter and FPV goggles.

Check out UAVFutures vid on this bad boy – it looks super fun (OK, I might be a bit jealous)

All in all, there looks to be some solid deals on gear and toy style quads.  If you are in the market for some new goodies, it would probably be worth looking at the sale items and using the coupon code.

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