We wanted to make a quick post to let you guys know about some of the site stuff we have been working on recently.  As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below!


RSS added

For those of you that like using RSS feeds, we added a Feedburner RSS feed.  This can help keep you notified of all the posts that we upload. You can find it on our main page next to our social media buttons, or you can use the link right here: RSS link!


You can find the link to all of our social feeds (including RSS) here on the main page!


For those of you signed up for monthly updates – keep your eyes on your inbox in September.  We should have something special coming soon!


Vendor list updated

You may have seen our sales post for Labor Day this week – hopefully you were able to take advantage of some great deals!  We went through and revamped our Miniquad Vendors list with a ton more retailers.  We also added a column for deals.  We will try and keep this current as we see, or people let us know about, any awesome sales.  Want to share some info with us?  Feel free to email us at community@propwashed.com or hit us up on one of the various social media platforms we use.  We hope to make this a more regular thing, as we got a super positive response from our Labor Day post.


Our vendors page! Check back for info on sales and special deals!


Instagram / Facebook

Speaking of social media – we have been uploading a ton of stuff to our Instagram and Facebook pages lately.  We try to post up flight vids and pics that might not make it into full videos.  If you are interested, be sure to check us out on your social media of choice!

Check out some of our latest clips!

A video posted by Propwashed (@propwashedsite) on

A video posted by Propwashed (@propwashedsite) on

Instagram page link

Facebook page link


That’s it for now!  We have some fun stuff planned for September, so stay tuned!




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