You may remember our previous article on drone registration from a couple of years ago. In it, we discussed the FAA’s policy on registering and marking your drone. I think we can all agree that it was a tremendously successful program that has prevented countless criminals from hindering the general public with misused drones.

Well, the FAA is back. They’ve decided that an update to their drone labeling regulations are necessary and a ruling has been published.

The change is simple: whereas you were previously allowed to put your registration marking anywhere on your drone, you now must make sure the marking is visible without disassembling the drone.

You might be wondering what the reasoning behind this change is, and it’s outlined in the announcement page for the new policy. Apparently, the FAA has gotten complaints from enforcement personnel that disassembling drones to find registration numbers could be hazardous in the situation where said drone was harboring an explosive device or something similar.

For most miniquad pilots, I doubt this regulation change will have much effect. Most racing quads do not have any area that is totally enclosed. However, if you are looking to follow the letter of the law, I recommend you double check your aircraft.

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